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WWII veteran Yevgeniy Ganzha from Chelyabinsk region
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Veteran of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 Yevgeniy Ganzha and grand son. Born in 1922, called up to the front on July 16, 1941. From 1943 served in the 3rd Guards airborne brigade of the 3rd Ukrainian Front. Participated in liberation operations of Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia as a service man of the 103rd Guards division of the 37th Guards Svirsk corps of the 9th Guards Army. Decorated with Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd class, Order of Glory, 3rd class, medals: for Vienna Campaign, for Battle Merit, for Victory over Germany. Holder of special Supreme Commander-in-Chief citation (Josef Stalin) for participation in overthrowing eleven armored divisions during the Balaton campaign. Ended up the war in Czechoslovakia in the rank of Sergeant 1st class.

Categories:Unrest, Conflicts & War
Feature:WWII veteran Yevgeniy Ganzha from Chelyabinsk region
Location:Chelyabinsk, Russia
Event date:08.05.2016
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