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WWII veteran Suganat Yakupov of Chelyabinsk Region
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Suganat Yakupov, a veteran of the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War, born 1924, recruited to the front in 1943, fought as commander of an anti-tank gun crew, 91st Corps, 69th Army on the Belorussian Front, took part in combat near the city of Kovel, was decorated with an Order of the Red Star. Another decoration, the Order of Glory III rank, was awarded for the assault crossing of the Vistula while the Order of the Combat Red Banner was given to him for the liberation of Poznan. He reached Berlin and left a message on the Reichstag "Yakup of Chelyabinsk was here."

Categories:Human Interest
Feature:WWII veteran Suganat Yakupov of Chelyabinsk Region
Location:Chelyabinsk, Russia
Event date:07.05.2016
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