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Russia Khabarovsk Region Governor Rally
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People hold placards during a rally against new acting governor of Khabarovsk Region Sergey Degtyarev and in support of former Khabarovsk region governor Sergei Furgal, in Khabarovsk, Russia. Placards read: "We do not accept bribes, we feel sorry for Furgal" and "Hands of Sergei Furgal". Furgal was detained on July 9 as part of the probe into an organized criminal group involved in killings of business people in the Khabarovsk region and the Amur region in 2004-2005. Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed lawmaker Sergey Degtyarev as the acting governor of Khabarovsk Region on July 20.

Categories:Crime, Law & Justice, Politics
Feature:Russia Khabarovsk Region Governor Protests
Location:Khabarovsk, Russia
Event date:21.07.2020
Import date:21.07.2020
Content language:English

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