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Russia Soviet Soldier Memorial
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A mockup of the Soviet soldier sculpture is pictured at a workshop with its 25-meter copy, made as a part of the Rzhev memorial, at the background, in Moscow, Russia. The Battles of Rzhev were a series of Soviet operations against Nazi Germany in World War II between January 8, 1942 and March 31, 1943. Due to the high losses suffered by both sides (around 2.3 million soldiers), the campaign became known by veterans and historians as the "Rzhev Meat Grinder". The memorial is planned to be created to the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

Categories:Arts, Culture & Entertainment, Unrest, Conflicts & War, Human Interest
Feature:Russia Soviet Soldier Memorial
Location:Moscow, Russia
Event date:14.05.2019
Import date:14.05.2019
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